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What is Investment Grade Real Estate?

The word “Investment” within the context of buyers purchasing real estate is commonly used abstractly, without sufficient conceptual framework given to end-users, on how said returns will be achieved. This ideology asserts that every purchaser of real estate is assured of making money in any circumstance, as sort of a proverbial “All-weather” asset akin to...

Real Estate Trends from 2020 & Expectations for 2021

Trends from 2020   1. Evacuation Of Expatriates & Foreigners: Foreigners & Expatriates contribute a significant percentage to the tenant pool of luxury residential properties. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of countries organized the evacuation of their citizens from visiting countries. This contributed to the shrinking of the foreign tenant pool in Nigeria, thereby...

Zada Tower is a luxurious 1 bedroom apartment complex located in the heart of the desirable Business Bay district of Dubai. These excellent apartments features the best quality in interior decór, fitted kitchens, and spacious bathrooms. Each apartment is a total of 335 square feet and comes furnished with all that’s needed to call this...

This plunge in yields from treasury bills and restriction of corporates and individuals from Open Market Operations (OMO) has shifted Nigeria’s investment narrative towards alternative sectors such as Real estate.   Historically, investors including HNI’s, pension funds, treasury departments of multinationals simply invested in risk-free government securities and ignored other segments as they were largely...


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