The Arcee Investor Cocktail: A Focus On Building, Sustaining and Investing For Real Estate Assets

September 29, 2021by Regent Real Estate0

Regent Real Estate recently engaged prospective real estate investors at The Arcee Investor Cocktail, themed “Build, Sustain, Invest”. At this event, we had the opportunity to speak with attendees on the different value drivers and long-term benefits our project titled ” The Walden“will provide its subscribers. Below are some key takeaways from our CEO: Ogaba Sanni who answered questions during his panel session with Arcee Realty’s Chief Marketing Officer, Feso Adeniji.


  • Q. What is Regent’s Unique Proposition?

A. Fundamentally, we position ourselves as a value-oriented real estate company, which means delivering desirable and useful features and services to our end users. This allows them to have the best living experience possible when they purchase our homes. We also think this customer-centric approach will play a prominent role in the buying decision of our investors as the features on offer allows them to achieve fantastic returns when they buy into some of our units. This is demonstrated by the implementation of dedicated studies in all our housing types, with the shift in working culture brought about by Covid, we recognise that there is a need for these features compared to it previously being a “Nice to Have”.


  • Q. Has the country’s inflation rate impacted your development planning and forecasting?

A. Our Primary focus has been to keep our supply chains as lean as possible, what this means is going directly to suppliers for every single line item in our Bill of Quantities, with the help of our expert construction team.


  • Q. How has that influenced your choice to develop Residential Real Estate; what segment of the market are you building for?

A. Instability in the economy means that there is a demand from retail investors looking for viable investments with attractive returns, as opposed to saving money in the bank, or more traditional financial instruments such as bonds or money market funds. The attractive minimum returns of c.24% for our terraces and c.22% for our penthouse apartments (using a short let model) means that investors keying into The Walden can comfortably achieve a return on their investment in 4 to 5 years, before exiting. Outside investors prospective homeowners can also take advantage of keying into The Walden, as the features we have implemented make the development future-proof.


  • Q. What will the value proposition be for subscribers of The Walden in 2022?

A. Asides our unique layout with features such as the dedicated study, our unique design features such as large glass facade and windows means the building will have natural light coming into the rooms, reducing the dependence on electric lighting. Other energy-efficient features will be light bulbs that use less power, alternative power supply from solar panel inverters, and faucets that discharge less water. Other smart home inclusions such as automated lights and energy-efficient air conditioners will also be implemented in the building. We have every conviction that these features we have spoken about amongst others, will future proof the development for both investors and prospective homeowners looking to live in the development after purchase. Furthermore, the price point combined with the proximity to other parts of high-brow Lagos means we are providing immense value to subscribers.


  • Q. As a residential developer, how does your business intend to Build, sustain and protect its assets and investors within the next year?

A. Our unique drivers mentioned before are definitely part of the strategy as to safeguard the long-term value of the asset. Investors keying in via our off-plan price points can also enjoy attractive returns and price appreciation. The proximity to Lekki phase 1 and other high brow areas means that you can purchase a unit at a 30% price point below prime Lekki phase 1 areas but still enjoy the same proximity to everywhere else and also within a gated community.


Below are some images of the event and how it went on. Safe to say it was a success!








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